Worlds Away

Boyd and Jasmine had run away from an abusive home to live on the streets.

Then one night Jasmine disappeared, leaving Boyd alone and sick and haunted by eerie music.

Now, one year later, he can hear that music again, the notes sifting through the fog…

Formats: ebook $0.99

Genre/s: urban fantasy

Audience: middle grade

Length: short story

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Boyd crouched in his cardboard box and tried not to listen to the music.

This was the third night the notes had crept along the streets, low and deep and reaching right inside his head and his heart, calling him to follow… follow… He pulled his blanket tighter around his shoulders, hunching it up against his ears, trying to block the song. He knew what the instrument was. Saxophone. His sister Jasmine had learned it at school, had practised at home until Boyd had buried his head beneath his pillow just to hear his mp3 player. Mum had even given Jasmine a necklace for her twelfth birthday, a silver chain with a saxophone charm hanging from it. ‘I’ll get you a real one one day,’ she’d said.

But even Boyd had known that would never happen. Not after Mum met Trev and he moved in.

Boyd grimaced. He didn’t like thinking about Jasmine. They had run away together, learned how to scavenge, how to steal, how to survive on the streets together.

Then one night she had simply disappeared, leaving him alone and terrified.