Becky has a secret. She can turn herself into water.

She doesn’t dare tell her parents, so she has to practise in the back garden at night.

Then she hears noises next door. Becky knows the people who live there are on holiday. So who’s in their house? What are they doing?

Becky decides to check things out.

And discovers that being a superhero isn’t as easy as it looks in the movies…

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Genre/s: urban fantasy, superheroes

Audience: middle grade

Length: short story

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Becky stood in front of the laundry door and chewed on her lip. She’d done the same thing for three nights now, and every time she’d turned around and crept back to her room. She was scared. She knew that. But she also knew that if she didn’t do this she’d always wonder.

And no one would see her if she stayed in the back yard. Their yard, like everyone’s here on the outskirts of town, was huge. But unlike most people’s gardens, which were mostly grass and a few trees and flower beds, theirs looked like a tropical rainforest. It was full of towering trees, flowering shrubs, ferns with soft, feathery leaves and even a pond in the back corner, which was nestled beneath an authentic-looking rocky waterfall and was home to five giant goldfish.

The garden was Dad’s, the pond was Mum’s. Both of them were nature people. Dad worked for the Department of Environment as a ranger, and Mum worked with the dolphins and other water animals at the Oceania theme park.

Everyone at school was excited about that until Becky said Mum wasn’t one of the trainers in the shows. But she did look after the animals behind the scenes, making up new ways to make their life interesting in captivity and making sure they weren’t bored.

Maybe that’s why Becky had been born with water powers.

It was kind of cool, but totally scary at the same time.

She’d only discovered them two weeks ago, and only by accident. It was two days after Christmas, when all the excitement of presents had died down and the heat of a north Queensland summer was pressing down like a thick, wet blanket. Mum had been called in on an extra shift and Dad had gone with her. They’d dropped Becky’s twin brother Brock off at his friend’s place, leaving Becky on her own for a few hours for the. First. Time. Ever.

So Becky had got out the hose and the sprinkler, put her big beach towel on the grass and the big beach umbrella over it so her pale skin wouldn’t burn like a lobster in ten seconds flat, and put her iPod on speaker – and far enough away that it wouldn’t get splashed.

Ten minutes later, lying on her stomach with the water sprinkling over her back, Becky felt a lot cooler. She opened her eyes…

And gurgled with horror.

Her arm had turned into water!

She sat up quick.

All of her was water!