The Onyx Pendant

In a world where magic is barely tolerated, and those who have an affinity for it tend not to admit it, three different lives collide.

Brock has magic he barely understands, Fayde has magic that scares her, and the gargoyle is haunted by a past it can’t remember.

Together, they may just survive the Shadows…

Tears of Stone

Corrie and Jed are on the run.

Corrie is fleeing an arranged marriage to a man three times her age.

Jed, whose family serve Corrie’s father, Lord Braitling, as gamekeepers, is fleeing something worse.

Jed has magic.

And those who practice magic are hanged if caught.

Jed won’t let that happen. He and Corrie have just admitted their love for each other. He can’t lose her, not now.

Jed knows a spell that will save them – but only if Lord Braitling doesn’t catch them first…

Formats: ebook $2.99
Genre/s: urban fantasy
Audience: young adult, middle grade
Length: short story
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