Miss Informed

cover, Miss InformedElsie Parminter loves to keep informed about all the retirement home goings-on.

And she loves to keep other people informed too – even if it’s not their business.

So when she overhears a shocking confession, Elsie knows exactly what to do – tell someone!

But why will no one believe her? It’s not like she’s intentionally gotten situations wrong in the past…

Formats: ebook $2.99

Genre/s: contemporary, women’s fiction

Audience: general

Length: short story

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Elsie Parminter loved the Fairmont Retirement Village.

It was a green oasis, nestled into the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, with a mixture of independent and assisted-living units and its own hospice on the grounds.

At first Elsie had been reluctant to move after her beloved Frank had died. After all, they’d shared the same house for nearly fifty years. And Fairmont was further away from her two daughters.

But Brenda and Theresa had been so enthusiastic about the place that she’d finally relented.

‘See, Mum?’ Theresa had said, smiling. ‘There’s medical staff right there – we won’t have to worry if you fall, or get sick.’

‘And look at all the activities,’ added Brenda, running her finger down the list on the page. The opposite page was chock full of pictures of over-60s playing golf, laughing as they sat around a table playing chess, and waltzing around a dark wooden dance floor surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. ‘A pool, walks, tennis, even craft evenings – lots of stuff to do. You’ll make new friends in no time, Mum.’

‘And we’ll visit as often as we can,’ they both promised.

And they had… for the first few months. Until their lives suddenly became busy and their time limited.

But by then Elsie didn’t mind so much.

She had so many new people to talk to, so many new stories to learn.

Not that she was a gossip, mind you, definitely not. It was just… sometimes folks had such interesting things happen to them, or one person’s experience might just help someone else cope with an upheaval in their own life, or…

Or right now, when Elsie had seen dear Georgina’s son hugging Renee, Fairmont’s receptionist of all people, when he was supposed to be happily married – and so was she! And out in the open in the foyer, as if they didn’t care who saw them! Not that anyone had, except for Elsie.

But Georgina would thank her for letting her know, indeed she would. Simon’s wife Samantha and their teenage children meant the world to her. She’d be devastated, but she needed to know. And Elsie would be there to comfort her through the trauma.