Full Circle

cover-full-circleJoss hates that her family’s farm has to be sold because of the economic crisis.

She doesn’t really fit in with city life, and technology sometimes confuses her.

Then, one night, something extraordinary happens which grants her dearest wish – but it also takes something just as precious away…

Formats: ebook $2.99

Genre/s: science fiction

Audience: general, young adult

Length: short story

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Joss steered her Datsun along the dirt track, keeping tight hold of the steering wheel as the little car jounced over the ruts. She hadn’t put the headlights on; she knew approximately where the thing had fallen, whatever it was. And the moon was bright enough to show her the pale grey-brown strip of the firebreak. Her father graded the track twice a year, bulldozing a five-metre-wide barrier around the whole five-thousand-hectare farm as well as two parallel tracks through the centre of the property. When the property had been a working farm those tracks had served as roads for the trucks and machinery needed for the harvest.

Now Dad only kept the firebreaks cleared because it was an unwritten rule among those who lived on the land. Protect your neighbours as you’d protect your own. It was something Joss had grown up with.

Too bad the city mob didn’t believe in the same thing. Joss’s family had owned and worked their diversified farm for four generations. And now, because of cheap citrus and vegetable imports which had driven the farm to the wall, Joss wouldn’t even have the chance to be the fifth generation.

Farming was all she’d ever wanted to do. She couldn’t even imagine working in an office somewhere.

‘Should be just up there, I reckon,’ she murmured to herself. She hadn’t realised the thing had landed so far to the rear of the farm. Maybe it hit the Perrys’ back paddocks instead, she thought. That would be good for Dad – from the vibration she’d felt when the thing had impacted barely twenty minutes ago it would have made a pretty decent crater. And a crater in the middle of farming land would probably put off any potential buyers.

But if it wasn’t on Wilson land it would complicate things for her.

Especially if it was a meteorite and not just the Perry boys mucking around with ammonium nitrate explosions again.