Suiko Tanaka has come to Australia from Japan to study, and to start a new life away from the old beliefs and ancient secrets of her family.

But when a young boy from her unit block goes missing, Suiko must make a choice.

Should she continue to keep her gift hidden… or use it to prove to herself – and her family – that they can belong in this new world?

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Genre/s: urban fantasy

Audience: young adult, middle grade

Length: short story

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Suiko found out that little William Taylor had gone missing when she arrived home from work.

It was Friday afternoon, the last day of her first full week of working. It had taken her nearly five months to find a job at all, and her savings had almost run out before the manager at Woolworths had decided to take a chance on her. Her shifts were from six a.m. until two in the afternoon, but Suiko didn’t mind.

She had always liked being up early.

Will and his parents lived on the ground floor of a five-storey unit block, one of four units with a garden. Suiko’s home was two floors directly above. She could hear William playing with his little brother when she wasn’t out job-hunting, and sometimes she sat on her balcony and watched them play.

Her own family, her mother Miyuki, was back in Japan.

Every Sunday Miyuki rang and begged Suiko to come home, and every week Suiko found it increasingly hard to say no. She knew her mother was afraid for her, but Suiko knew the risks. She’d been in Australia for nearly two years now, completing a Bachelor of Business Studies and searching for work. She had been careful not to blend in as much as she could, and even more careful not to use her gifts.

She wanted to see the world, not be tied to Okinawa like her ancestors.

Even if it was tradition going back centuries.

Mrs Taylor was halfway up the road when Suiko came around the corner. She had little Sam balanced on her hip, and she was calling Will’s name. Suiko glanced around, but she couldn’t see Will’s small chubby shape anywhere.

‘Will is okay?’ she asked, her voice soft, as Mrs Taylor caught sight of her. When Mrs Taylor frowned she added, ‘I am Suiko Tanaka. I live two levels above your house.’

Recognition flitted across Mrs Taylor’s face, but worry quickly replaced it. ‘He’s gone missing,’ she said, and Suiko could hear the fear beneath her words.