Creatures Like Us

Ro is determined to help Kalara the troll girl travel home from Australia to England – but it’s not going to be easy. … Caught in Stone

Nara is the last of her kind living in Loch Ness, but now the humans she’s so interested in are getting closer to finding her. … Monster

Kyle has a secret that makes school a place he doesn’t want to be. Until he meets the Electric Gnome… … The Electric Gnome

When Carly finds a dragon statue in the garden of her new home, she has no idea he’s a Wish Dragon. … The Wish Dragon

Can sisters Alanna and Brenda put aside their differences, or will they be caught in the banshee’s song of death?… A Song of Fear and Freedom

Five short stories about kids and creatures.

Formats: ebook $5.99
Genre/s: urban fantasy
Audience: young adult, middle grade
Length: short story
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