Caught in Stone

When Kalara the troll girl finds herself sent to Australia as a statue, she is sure she will never see her family in England again.

Ro lives with her grandparents. She still feels odd and isolated after the death of her parents, and finds it hard to trust people.

So she knows exactly how scared and alone Kalara feels, lost among strangers.

Ro is determined to help Kalara get back to England – but it’s not going to be easy…

Formats: ebook $2.99

Genre/s: urban fantasy

Audience: middle grade

Length: short story

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Awareness came back to Kalara little by little.

First it was the rustling of leaves and the clean, fresh scent of vegetation all around her… except those scents were not quite familiar. That alone set her instincts on alert, and the seconds that passed before she could peel open her eyelids seemed endless.

It was dark, but she’d guessed that already, otherwise she’d still be caught in her stone form. She was standing, ready to run, her head turned away from the sudden searing purple-white light. One arm was shielding her eyes and the other was flung out defensively.

Except now there was nothing to defend against. The harsh light was gone, replaced by the soothing glow of moonlight beyond the lush plants crowded around her. But even in the darkness she could see they were nothing like the plants she knew.

And she was stiff all over, as if she’d been caught in stone for a long time.

The humans’ light – it must have triggered the change. But how? She’d never heard of any human-made light being as powerful as the sun…

No. Think about it later. Now she needed to get home before the sun came up and trapped her in stone again.

Keeping still, she listened carefully. Rustling leaves, water bubbling somewhere close. Safe noises, natural noises. But beyond those were different noises, sounds she’d heard only when she’d dared to creep close to Anglesea-on-Wye. Cars. Televisions. Humans talking and yelling and laughing in their houses. And they were everywhere, all around her.

She was trapped in the town.

Kalara’s heart hammered in her chest. Why would the humans catch her in stone and leave her in a garden in the middle of the town? Surely they knew she would run as soon as the moonlight shifted her back to her troll form?

She had to get home, warn her family, warn the clan.

But first she had to escape from the town unseen.