Between Worlds

Two girls from the opposite ends of time, drawn together by a single cataclysmic event. … Festival of Fire

When Rowie and her sisters are in terrible danger, she remembers the Chalk Girl. … The Chalk Girl

The haunting music stole Boyd’s sister away a year ago. Now it’s back… Worlds Away

Davey can see colours no-one else can. His friend Kemi knows the reason why – and it’s not good… … Colour Bound

A still-grieving Alinta flees from the Midwinter Festival, only to find another group celebrating the Solstice in a far more serious – and deadly – way… … The Longest Night

Five short stories about kids and portals.

Formats: ebook $5.99
Genre/s: urban fantasy
Audience: teen, middle grade
Length: scollection
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