A Different Dawn

For Erin and her three children, Anzac Day has always been special – and it’s even more special this year.

For Andy’s great-grandfather, Anzac Day is a time to remember his fallen friends and to honour them at the Dawn Service, and spend the day with fellow vets.

This year the official Anzac Day observances have been cancelled due to the social distancing and isolation restrictions of Covid-19. But the Anzac spirit lives on in new and heartwarming ways, as Erin and Andy are about to find out…

To all the Anzacs, past and present,
to all those personnel still serving,
to those who made the ultimate sacrifice,
and to those who are still suffering…
THANK YOU for making our world a safer place.

Formats: ebook $2.99, paperback $4.99
Genre/s: contemporary, holiday
Audience: general
Length: short story
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