A Christmas Wish

cover, A Christmas WishMr Anderson has been working as Santa at the shopping centre for years.

But this Christmas he’s been asked to fulfil a young boy’s very special wish, something much more important than the latest toy…

A heartwarming short story about the power of giving and a child’s love.

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Genre/s: contemporary, holiday

Audience: general

Length: short story

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I couldn’t help but notice this one youngster standing in the line of children waiting to see me. Amongst the chatter and laughter and wide-eyed anticipation of meeting Santa he was quiet, solemn, his eyes never leaving me as the ragged line shuffled slowly forward. As I listened carefully to the requests for Barbies and Action Men and computer games, taking my cue from the parents’ conspiratorial winks or frowns, I wondered briefly what his request would be. Once or twice a two-hour shift I would get a child determined to prove that I wasn’t Santa because Santa wasn’t real. Most times parents intervened before they pulled too hard at my beard, snatching the little one away with a swift ‘Don’t you be so naughty!’ and an embarrassed grimace at me.

But this child didn’t seem to be the doubting sort. Quite the opposite; he stared at me expectantly, almost desperately, as if Santa were somehow his last hope.

I soon found out why.

‘Hello youngster,’ I said cheerily as he climbed onto the sleigh and plopped onto the seat beside me. ‘And what can I get you for Christmas?’

He looked up at me, and I was shocked to see just how much sadness and desperation there was in those big brown eyes.