The Fish Tank

Mike didn’t mind the after-hours plumbing jobs; they paid the bills, and he met some interesting people.

Especially the Harrises, with their huge salt-water fish tank full of sea horses.

But there’s something odd about that tank, not to mention the Harris girl with her sea horse charm and her handful of salt…

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Genre/s: urban fantasy

Audience: general, young adult

Length: short story

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Mike plastered a friendly smile on his face as he knocked on the door of the top floor unit. Usually he didn’t mind the after-hours calls – half the time it was the after-hours rates which paid his rent each week – but today he’d been up since five a.m. and working pretty much non-stop ever since. He’d been on his way home when Ms Harris’s call had come in. And she’d sounded so young, so panicky, that Mike hadn’t had the heart to say no.

The door opened a crack and a face peered out. A kid; definitely not Ms Harris.

‘Hi, I’m Mike Garrett, the plumber. Your mum rang me about ten minutes ago, something about the taps in the shower not turning off properly?’ He offered his card through the door.

The girl took it. ‘Um, yeah.’ She opened the door wider. ‘Mum’s gone to bed with a migraine –’ she gestured at a closed door – ‘but I can show you the shower.’

‘Thanks,’ Mike said absently. He was staring in amazed envy at the fish tank which dominated the lounge room. Had to be two metres long at least, a metre high, a metre wide. Almost unconsciously he stepped forward, his eyes ranging through the large castles at either end, the various aerators with bubbles pouring from them, and the seagrass planted on the sandy bottom, searching for the tank’s inhabitants.